West Marin Review Vol X

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The West Marin Review, an extravagant journal of prose, poetry and art, features work from West Marin and across the United States and beyond. This is its 10th volume, with pieces on nature and history, personal stories both funny and touching, poetry from poets young and not-so-young, a musical piece, and every kind of visual art illuminating its pages. West Marin is well represented in this volume with work by Myn Adess, Hathaway Barry, Johanna Baruch, Carol Beebe, Amalia Campe, Mark Dowie, Claire Elsaesser, Anne Faught, Thomas Heinser, Richard Kirschman, Brian Kirven, Kim Ford Kitz, Joyce Kouffman, Bob Kubik, Toni Littlejohn, Claire Peaslee, Mark Ropers, Shirley Salzman, Wendy Schwartz, Michel Venghiattis, Vickisa, D.L. Woerner, and Zoe Rocco-Zilber.



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