OYSTERS Volume 2



Please welcome the second issue of OYSTERS, a casual variety magazine about life in West Marin, made by your brilliant friends and neighbors. Emerging during a new time — of global pandemic, of national civic uprising — OYSTERS captures a glimpse of the multi-faceted, layered realities that we experience out here, “over the hill.” 

Published in summer 2020, edition of 500. 64 pages, full-color printing on salmon newsprint.

Contributors include: Sophie Wood Brinker, Nancy Blanchard, Alex Bleeker, Meg Campbell, StuArt Chapman, Owen Clapp, Lucia Dillman, Kacey Johansing, Amelia Heron, Cole Hersey, Hannah Holiday, Ansel Olive Klein, Tim Kline, Miguel Kuntz, Leanne Kriz, Nicole Lavelle, Kurtis P. Major, Jeff Manson, McKay McFadden, Kelly McFarling, Soozy Mills, Emily Prince, Melinda Stone, Alicia Toldi, Aubrey Trinnaman, Emily Underwood, Suzanne Vallie, Danny Vitali, Vanessa Waring, and Rob Moss Wilson. 

Editor and publisher Nicole Lavelle. 

Edition of 500; limited number available for online order, exclusively though Point Reyes Books!


Price: $10.00