Belated Poem (Paperback)

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Belated Poem is a book-length sequence of text + image diptychs distilling landscape, color, and language into a poetics of interiority. Van Horn’s spare lines and arresting photographs are narratively linked yet marked by rupture, elusion, and unsettledness. Deploying vocabularies of intimacy and ephemerality as deftly as those of abstraction, physics, and geologic time (volcanic island-building; fault-block mountains), Belated Poem ultimately speaks in human terms: perception and consciousness, shadow states, and severance at the seam of Self and Other.

Praise for Belated Poem

Belated Poem speaks in a mesmerizing incantation of precision and haunting as it seeks to
observe and record the vast geographies of the interstices between people. A poet with a
barometer, a scientist in a fugue state, Van Horn converges photography, text, and space in
order to trace the complicated textures of intimacy and distance, attachment and rupture, amid
the debris of an altered relationship. From the subtle doubling in her photographs and the
spatial undertow of her lines emerges a lyrical sequence that, in its unearthing of “your body
next to mine at the event horizon,” also unearths the inconsolable beauty of the interior terrain
and those places that are hardest to voice. —Jennifer S. Cheng

Belated Poem greets time after its becoming—exceeding a certain intensity—a relational
experience or a lesson that befalls us in space. In the aftermath of “the jade- / blue slope of a
line” or “the cusp of the caldera,” we become offspring of the “event horizon.” Here are vital
forces—landscape, creative, combinatorial—shifting, intimate, foreshadowing and spilling us
into “catastrophic events” or “a nest / out of dark matter.” Image and poem in this beautiful
sequence confirm the open-ended aliveness of traces and our distributed brave interface with
the world. —Hazel White


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