Introducing Wayfinder Bookshop, our new branch in Fairfax

Wayfinder Bookshop is now open! 

On November 17, we opened the doors to Wayfinder Bookshop -- a smaller sister store to Point Reyes Books, located at 9 Bolinas Road in bustling downtown Fairfax. We're open daily from 11-7 and are enjoying getting to know the local community and finding our footing in the new space. We hope to see you there!

You can also now order books for pick up at either Point Reyes Books or Wayfinder Bookshop. Simply shop for books here on the site, and select your pick up location as either "Point Reyes" or "Wayfinder" at check out. You can also use your Community Supported Bookstore Account and gift cards at either location, or online. 

Why another store?

We’ve never been interested in expanding Point Reyes Books for expansion’s sake. But when we saw a small, charming, and centrally located space for rent in Fairfax earlier this year, we started dreaming of how we could apply what we’ve learned and built here in West Marin to a second store. We’re excited to bring some of the Point Reyes Books vision and curation to a new location, and to have an “inpost” in Marin (Fairfax being inland of Point Reyes, of course.) 

Don’t worry – Point Reyes Books, at its current location in Point Reyes Station, isn’t going anywhere or changing. We look forward to continuing to play a central role in this special community, bringing exciting author events and conversations to West Marin, and stocking a world-class bookstore where both locals and visitors from all over the world discover new ideas and life-changing books. 

Why Wayfinder? 

Books are tools for navigation, for connecting across time and space. They orient us when we’re lost and guide us to new places, both literally and figuratively. They create pathways between ideas, places, and people. We see reading as an act of wayfinding, as is browsing in a bookshop. 

We had already settled on the name Wayfinder when we remembered that our friend Robert Macfarlane –  one of our favorite authors whom we were lucky to host with an audience of 500 people at the West Marin School gym – had recently published an essay called "The Landscapes Inside Us" in the New York Review of Books. He writes: 

I’ve come to think that we might best imagine wayfinding not as a skill or art but as an ethic. The abilities that are cultivated in wayfinding—imagining things from different viewpoints, moving the mind backward and forward in time, seeing situations from other perspectives, weighing alternatives subtly against one another before making the best decisions, seeking information from others and giving it freely in return—might be the same abilities that contribute to a resilient, equitable community or polity. If this is wayfinding, then we need it now more than ever.


Will the new store do author events? 

Our programming focus revolves around bringing world-class, inspiring, and thought-provoking writers to Point Reyes. Given the smaller size of the new store, we do not envision hosting events on a regular basis in Fairfax, but once we're more settled we will explore ways to partner with others or offer programming that makes sense for the space and location. 

I’m a local author. Will you stock my book on consignment? 

If you’d like us to consider your book for either bookstore, please send a note to with a description or sell sheet and information about how to order it. We will get back to you via email as soon as possible. We cannot accept “samples” and cannot take copies until we have confirmed that we will stock the book. 

Are you hiring? 

We have hired a full team for now, but we'll always accept resumes in person or at