David "Lucky" Goff

The Evolving Elder
David Lucky Goff Evolving Elder Point Reyes Books
Sunday, November 19, 2017 - 1:00pm
Point Reyes Presbyterian Church
11445 CA-1
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956


David "Lucky" Goff joins us to discuss his book, The Evolving Elder at this event co-presented with Black Mountain Circle.


About The Evolving Elder:

Surprising discoveries accompany aging. There is an elder awakening happening - older people are vital like they have never been before. Greying turns out to be ripening into something special!!

Providing a necessary corrective for the wide-spread prejudice that demise corresponds to the latter stages of life, The Evolving Elder describes in rich and inspiring prose how evolution has created a period of life that reveals the true dignity of human existence.

Instead of dwelling on the prejudices that impede the old, this work describes elderhood in fresh terms. There are gains, which make the losses that accompany aging meaningful and essential to human well being. It is way past time for a new look at the phenomenon of aging, an examination that reveals the ultimate dignity of human life.

The most amazing surprise of all is reserved for old age. It appears that Nature has seen to it that there is an instinctive pulling together, a ripening from within, a kind of integrative process, that renders one's existence sensible. This is experienced at a very personal level - where we know ourselves more completely. Old people are becoming unique and free, having experiences from the inside out, knowing the truth of their own being. Here is the essence of the elder experience. The wider perspective reveals that elderhood is a stage of Life - a moment in life that clarifies the evolutionary thrust that is coming through us.


David “Lucky” Goff, Ph.D., M.F.T., had a brain aneurism in 2003. As a result of his stroke, and the onset of a rare brain syndrome, he nearly died and ended up permanently disabled. This experience had a transformational effect on David, which made him “Lucky,” and cued him into how radically connected all things are. This broader awareness now informs his approach toward what it means to be human. He writes extensively about a psychology of interdependence, community, elders and the conditions that lead to a social and ecological sense of connection.