Community Supported Bookstore Membership

Having a Community Supported Bookstore membership is like opening a tab at Point Reyes Books. To become a member, simply deposit any amount of money you’d like into your Point Reyes Books CSB account, then draw your purchases against that balance. In addition to feeling like part of an exclusive circle of bibliophiles when you say your name at the counter, CSB members receive a 5% discount on all in-store or online purchases. You can add to your account at any time, and you can even open an account for someone else as a gift.

If you'd like to create a membership as a gift, please fill out the To, From, and Message fields. If the membership is for you, you can leave those blank.

Join now!

You can open or add to your CSB account either by visiting the store, mailing a check, or by calling the shop with your credit card handy.

Minimum: $50.00
If this is a gift, please enter the recipient's name.