13: One Woman's Sacred Journey to Discovering Her Greatest Power (Paperback)

13: One Woman's Sacred Journey to Discovering Her Greatest Power By Nikol Rogers Cover Image
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"A masterpiece of truth, bridging the terrestrial to the celestial." - Alice Inoue, Founder of Happiness U, Indie Excellence Award-Winning and Bestselling Author

We know the number 13 to be traditionally viewed as an unlucky number, but for Nikol, it turned out to be the most transformative number of her life.

This book is a story about the year Nikol's life went up in flames, burning to ash all of who she thought she was. Nikol had spent decades carefully crafting her career, marriage, persona, and friendships. But as she watched the life she had built disappear into smoke, she found herself hearing a new, quiet voice within her. The voice of 13.

13 is the sacred invitation, the auspicious calling to your heart to finally have the life you have always desired.

Sharing with absolute vulnerability the ravages of losing her identity, Nikol's writing creates a beautiful space of self empowerment for anyone who has felt deeply stuck in relationships and a life that doesn't work. This book is for people who want to create a whole new beginning and have decided their life is precious and worth living. It is also about the workings of sacred numbers in our lives and how devastation can open you to your greatest power.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798985163001
Publisher: Zenred
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2023
Pages: 242
Language: English