The Golfer's Excuse Handbook: Golfertainment for Good and Bad Golfers (Funny Golf Gift for Men and Women) (Paperback)

The Golfer's Excuse Handbook: Golfertainment for Good and Bad Golfers (Funny Golf Gift for Men and Women) By Kurt Taylor Cover Image
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Do you have a friend or family member who loves golf?

Better yet, do you know the frustration and hilarity that comes with trying to play this beautiful sport?

Everyone who has experienced the game of golf understands that it can be frustrating, unfair, and embarrassing to play. Sometimes, if you are the sad individual who hit a poor shot, you might be tempted to provide an excuse to your playing partners. A good excuse can relieve the tension, and maybe even bring a few laughs.

Sometimes, though, an excuse can be hilarious just by its lack of credulity. A golfer can chalk their bad shot up to anything, absolutely anything, and that's when the excuse becomes a funny moment. Golfers share these stories with their friends, and it's not the shot they remember, only the hilarious excuse.

The Golfer's Excuse Handbook contains 250 excuses on a range of subjects all over the golf course, and a few that extend beyond the links

- Five different chapters, one for each group of excuses and the topics likely to draw a golfer's ire.

- Each chapter features interesting golf history and trivia, as well

- There are also entertaining golf quotes from players, world leaders, and other well-known individuals within these pages.

- Chapter subjects include the golf course itself, a golfer's playing partners, and the weather

This book will entertain any fan of the game, from those who watch the pros to anyone who dares to swing a club. Perhaps this book can start a conversation with friends and family members about who has the worst excuses on the course, or who has said the most outrageous line in a moment of shame.

Maybe there's a golfer in your life that needs help with their excuse game This book can also serve any golfer with a ton of ideas on how to deflect the embarrassment of that bad shot. And, if you have someone in your life who is particularly unskilled, they may need multiple excuses to make it through a round

This book is bound to bring a smile to anyone who has experienced the struggle of golf. It will make readers smile, laugh out loud, and most importantly, appreciate the joy and pain that is the game of golf.

Grab a copy of The Golfer's Excuse Handbook and tee up the fun today

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ISBN: 9798887680132
Publisher: Red Panda Press
Publication Date: November 17th, 2022
Pages: 104
Language: English