Composting for Beginners: The Best Gardener's Techniques and Secrets to Compost Everything at Home (Paperback)

Composting for Beginners: The Best Gardener's Techniques and Secrets to Compost Everything at Home By Bradley Gray Cover Image


Barren wasteland or lush garden paradise?

Here's one of the most important deciding factors:

Have you ever wondered why only your plants are never luxuriant, the flowers are very few and they almost struggle to bloom and your fruits are not fleshy and juicy?

It's not that your efforts were wrong- you were just missing one crucial factor:

Compost- because composting is more than just throwing biomass on a pile and then putting that on plants.

In fact, every year the plants consume all the nutrients present in the soil ...

After a few years, your soil has the same nutrients you can find in the desert. That is zero.

Bradley Gray, retired former gardener, in this step by step guide reveals all his secrets and techniques on composting, the biological process that allows you to transform the waste you already have at home into fertile and high-yield soil every year to create a brilliant, flowery garden and producing nutritionally dense food.

The easiest way to use the compost you made, so you'll get the most out of it.

With this guide you can make your garden shine again by learning:

* THE TRUTH The true purpose of compost enables you to understand why you would want to compost- even if you have no vegetables or fruits* RESOURCEFUL What to compost at home? Compost anything you have at home ( especially kitchen waste)- no need for expensive stuff * EASY How to start a compost pile that grants you the perfect compost for your specific needs in a few easy steps* STRAIGHTFORWARD How to use your compost in your garden helps you to use the compost you made so you'll get the most out of it* BEGINNER-FRIENDLY Your most pressing questions answered the FAQ will answer questions like "Do compost worms share diseases with humans?" or "What is the best compost for my garden?" and much, much more in a glance

This book will be invaluable to you even if:
  • You never composted before
  • You don't have access to rich soil and earth
  • You don't produce a lot of biological waste
  • You don't grow vegetables or fruits

Scroll up, click the "Buy Now" button and make a compost your garden will love you for.
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ISBN: 9798740774664
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 19th, 2021
Pages: 130
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