Bulfinch's Mythology, The Age of Fable Annotated (Paperback)

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The Age of Fable, or Stories of Gods and Heroes is the first part of Bulfinch's Mythology, the other two being The Age of Chivalry, or Legends of King Arthur, and, Legends of Charlemagne, or Romance of the Middle Ages. Chapters include: Prometheus and Pandora; Apollo and Daphne - Pyramus and Thisbe - Cephalus and Procris; Juno and Her Rivals, Io and Callisto - Diana and Actaeon - Latona and the Rustics; Phaeton; Midas - Baucis and Philemon; Proserpine - Glaucus and Scylla; Pygmalion - Dryope - Venus and Adonis - Apollo and Hyacinthus; Ceyx and Halcyone: or, the Halcyon Birds; Vertumnus and Pomona; Cupid and Psyche; Cadmus - The Myrmidons; Nisus and Scylla - Echo and Narcissus - Clytie - Hero and Leander; Minerva - Niobe; The Graeae and Gorgons - Perseus - Medusa - Atlas - Andromeda; Monsters, Giants, Sphinx, Pegasus, and Chimaera, Centaurs, Griffin, and Pygmies; The Golden Fleece, and many more.
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