Electricity in Agriculture and Horticulture (Electroculture) (Paperback)

Electricity in Agriculture and Horticulture (Electroculture) By Prof Selim Lemström Cover Image
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Published in 1904, this book "contains the results of a long study and numerous experiments, which had their origin in the Polar regions, were continued in more southern latitudes, and have led not only to an increase of the harvest of every kind of plant which has come under treatment, but also to a favourable change of their chemical compounds, e.g., an increase of the digestible nitrogenous matter in seeds, of the sugar in sugar-beets, proved by chemical analyses, and of the sweetness in berries, &c. The earlier ripening of some fruits is also a proved result."

For example, "during the experiments, besides the areas upon the field, there were fields of experiment and control both for carrots and peas in the garden. These four small fields being of the same size were equally watered; care was taken that every field should receive the same quantity of water. The result was that the carrots gave an increase of 125%, and the peas (after careful estimation) 75%. The results so far showed, therefore, that if electricity is applied according to the above-mentioned method, favourable results were obtained equal to an increase of 40 to 80%."

Electricity in Agriculture and Horticulture increases our collection of books about electroculture, this precious knowledge (www.electroculture-books.com).

Even if it is an old book, we carefully reconstructed it in order there is no missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. Thank you for your support.

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