Hobby Farming: How You Can Grow Food, Raise Livestock and Making the Most of Your Space. (Paperback)

Hobby Farming: How You Can Grow Food, Raise Livestock and Making the Most of Your Space. By James Green Cover Image
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Farming, growing your own crops, and raising animals have never been as easy as they are today.

With modern technology and access to a plethora of knowledge and resources, farming can not only be easy but profitable as well - even for someone who has never stepped out of the city.

In fact, you can do it from the comfort of your own home

Get a detailed explanation of what it takes to farm different crops and animals.

Become an expert on farming techniques, crop management, and animal care.

Avoid common pitfalls and problems through advice on the best practices taught by seasoned experts.

Take the first step today for a fruitful tomorrow

All you can need:

  • Tools and Equipment For Agriculture
  • Veggie Gardening
  • Choose the Right Location
  • Choosing Veggies
  • Baby Vegetables
  • Designing Your Garden
  • Fruit Gardening
  • Tips for Tree Planting
  • Raising Chickens, Ducks, and Geese
  • Chicks vs. Pullets
  • Breeding
  • Raising Cattle and Pigs
  • Raising Cattle
  • Types of Cattle Breeds
  • Tips for Cattle Selection
  • How to Raise Cattle
  • How and When to Breed Cattle
  • Raising Pigs
  • How to Build a Pigpen
  • How to Raise, Feed, & Care for Pigs
  • Raising Sheep and Goats
  • How to Raise Sheep
  • How to Raise Goats
  • Become a Beekeeper
  • An Introduction to Honey-Making Bees
  • How Bees Make Honey
  • Essential Supplies
  • Building a Beehive
  • Getting Your Honeybees
  • General Tips on How to Care for Your Bees
  • Harvesting Honey

This is the must have guide for any farmer-whether they're beginners or experienced mini farmers looking for new ideas.

Product Details
ISBN: 9788367314008
ISBN-10: 836731400X
Publisher: James Green
Publication Date: March 6th, 2022
Pages: 94
Language: English