It's My Life: It's Now Or Never... (Paperback)

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In the southern United States, we have our accents that are spoken with a twang and a smile, our sweet tea, and all things southern. Down here in the south there are beautiful places. Lakes, Mountains, and wide-open plains. We also have secrets. The kind that are deadly to humans, animals, and our Earth. Sometimes, Those secrets will be revealed eventually. It is rather a karmic thing I guess. Thing is, by the time that you know what they are, it is too late. There is also a spiritual connection that some people notice and some not so much. Those that feel that connection seem to feel the pain of the Earth when it has been mistreated. When one doesn't know that they are doing wrong, that is one thing. When the people telling them what to do know they are doing wrong, well that is another. What you are about to read is my story. My story about how I began to see how sick the Earth was becoming by the illness that was surrounding me and my own life threatening illnesses as well. You will read about my life experiences as I learned about the environmental damage where I grew up. You will get to meet some of the people that became in my eyes and heart more like my family than just friends. You will read their stories which became a part of my life. Let their voices be heard as they have passed. Please donate to your favorite environmental foundation.

About the Author

C.C. Krepick, M.Ed, B.A. Eng Lit, is an American Book Author. Books published in revised edition, In The Dark With Good And Evil, and a children's book Whimsical Fairies found in various places online, available to local bookstores through Ingram Publishing. She is also author of the book titled, It's My Life, It's Now Or Never. January 2011, Christy wrote/created, produced, directed, and published her online TV show, The Bradshaw Chronicles, broadcasting on an Internet television channel to millions of people worldwide for over two years that was based in entertainment. She interviewed talent from the late actress Lisa Robin Kelly of That 70's Show to the band TESLA. Some of those shows are still archived on the Internet in various places. She had a character part in Book Author Brian Wilson's book Return To The Moon the sequel to Brian's previous book Honeymoon On The Moon. For a short period of time Christy worked with Candy O'Donnell in an effort to help find the missing using journalism skills on CNN iReport. Christy wrote a television series in 2012 titled Environmental Presence, which is registered with the Writers Guild of America. Christy spent over 10 years studying and researching environmental disasters and spent time with the people whom had been physically affected by them.
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