Notes on Nursing: Commemorative Edition (Hardcover)

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“The book is sure to reignite a passion for nursing in nurses who may be bogged down in their daily work of nursing practice, education, and/or research. Nurses across the globe are universally grateful for the pathway Nightingale paved for them. In addition, the book is an inspiration to anyone working toward social change, as Nightingale sets a powerful example about the outcome of positive persistence for the common good. There are numerous other published versions of Notes on Nursing, but this one stands  apart from those given its commemorative nature.”—Martha Scheckel, PhD, RN for Doody’s Book Review Service

Be inspired by the timeless insights of the woman who created the foundations of modern nursing, with Florence Nightingale’s Notes On Nursing , the 160th Anniversary Edition.

Supported by essays from modern-day nurses, this still-relevant work offers concise, on-the-ground experience and breakthrough insights into the crucial elements of patient care. Each chapter brings to life Nightingale’s determination to advance the healthcare system of her time, empowering modern nursing professionals, educators, and students of all levels to establish their own crucial findings and innovations.
Power up your professional commitment by diving into Nightingale’s bravery and groundbreaking vision:
  • Foundational findings and instruction on the importance of adequate room ventilation, management of the patient’s environment, what it means to be in charge as a nurse, patient observation, nutrition, appropriate lighting, and cleanliness of beds and rooms
  • Seasoned guidance and reflections on Nightingale’s writings from experienced nurses, nurse educators, and professional development practitioners, including:
    • The palliative care perspective
    • Advanced nursing practice and midwifery
    • The influence of the nurse on patient emotional state and overall well-being
    • Professional identity and inspiration
    • A tribute to Notes on Nursing
    • Preparing to be a nurse educator
    • Issues ranging from bedsores to global health care
    Discusses illness as the result but not always the cause of disease —elucidates the nursing role in understanding both disease and health, and in educating patients and public on health education basics
  • Offers Nightingale’s principles of health —her holistic viewpoint and understanding of how sickroom environment, patient mindset, and patient inner mental/emotional struggles affect health and recovery
  • Emphasizes the importance of assisting in patient well-being on all levels of health and well-being
  • Perfectly supports the current emphasis on research and evidence-based practice by using data to support arguments for offering compassionate, quality care—illuminates all levels of nursing practice, education, and research
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ISBN: 9781975110253
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Publisher: LWW
Publication Date: February 16th, 2019
Pages: 144
Language: English