Lilith: Goddess of Darkness and Light (Paperback)

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Lilith: Goddess of Darkness and Light

A look at the magick and rituals of the most useful Daemon and Goddess in all magick.

Lilith. A daemon to some. A goddess to others. A name which struck fear in the hearts of men and women in the middle ages. A name associated with the most powerful Daemoness in history.

A name that is very maligned. She is actually a goddess of feminism, and encompasses all the aspects of her dual nature: Darkness and Light

The largest book I have ever written on a single Goddess. Lilith is both Goddess and Daemoness, her powers range all across the spectrum.

Over twenty-five (25) rituals, magick to achieve success at love, work or school. Magick to assist in funding a start-up. Magick to help you push past rivals for job promotions or rivals for affection.

Lilith as a Goddess for magick with starting a family. Lilith as a Daemoness to help you gain the advantage over rivals in love or business.

I will instruct you in creating combination sigils which will use the power of Lilith to charge the sigils for maximum effectiveness.

Working with Lilith has proven to be safe, and highly effective for me. I have worked with her for years, and this book is based upon the rituals I have worked to her, rituals which have worked very well.

I show how treating this Goddess with honor and respect will get awesome results. I'll present the best methods of summoning her, including new path working methods of making contact and presenting your petition.

Then there are the new sigils and seals for Lilith in each of her aspects, Goddess and Daemoness.

Although the traditional sigils and seals work, these new sigils are activated and tied to the beings, helping the new magician make safe contact. I will include links to these sigils on my website for easy downloading and printing.

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ISBN: 9781961765016
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Publication Date: June 15th, 2023
Pages: 242
Language: English