Into the Infinite: Opening the Door to the Unknown (Paperback)

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Into the Infinite is a compilation of the author's many encounters with the unknown, beginning in early childhood and continuing throughout her adult life. - experiences which compel us to realize the world is nothing like we have been taught to believe.

What can you think when you return from work to find the house cleaned top to bottom... while no one was home?

What do you believe when Carlos Castaneda comes to you in a dream and brings a witch to stop your heart?

What does it mean when you wake at 3:38 a.m. and experience a significant period of missing time between one room and the next?

One reviewer said, "I applaud the author for sharing these experiences which gave me the courage to look behind my own doors to the unknown."

A truly mind-bending book for anyone who has a love affair with the unknown.

About the Author

Della Van Hise is a native of Florida, transplanted to California at the age of 21, who has subsequently sunk her roots into the high desert near Joshua Tree National Park. She has not personally seen any aliens since around 1992, but there is rumored to be a secret UFO base underneath her house. Della's writing started around age 11, on an old Smith Corona typewriter. No, not an electric one. A real antique, made of metal and heavier than a wet coffin. Her first professional novel was Killing Time - the controversial Star Trek book which was recalled and re-edited in 1984. None of the rumors were true, of course. It was just a Star Trek book - a good enough work that the "reboot" movie borrowed heavily from the plot and structure. No kidding. Della has written extensively in the non-fiction genre, with titles such as Quantum Shaman: Diary of a Nagual Woman and Scrawls On the Walls of the Soul. Quantum Shaman focuses heavily on the author's metaphysical explorations and experiences, while Scrawls is a continuation of those journeys many years later. If you enjoyed the works of Carlos Castaneda or Don Miguel Ruiz, you'll enjoy the non-fiction works of Della Van Hise. In addition, Della has written professionally for Tomorrow Magazine and other prominent science fiction publications. Her fiction works include Sons of Neverland (an award-winning vampire novel); Coyote (a young adult thriller); and many other novels, short stories & poetry collections. All of the titles mentioned here are available through Amazon, or through Eye Scry Publications.
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ISBN: 9781942415107
ISBN-10: 1942415109
Publisher: Eye Scry
Publication Date: January 27th, 2016
Pages: 240
Language: English