Piero della Francesca and the Baptism of the New World (Hardcover)

Piero della Francesca and the Baptism of the New World By Sandra Marraghini, Virna Pigolotti (Translator) Cover Image
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Piero della Francesca and the Baptism of the New World reveals that heliocentrism, the modern day planetary system and the existence of the American continent is referred to in Piero's work. As a new age was dawning for humankind, these revolutionary ideas were suspected before their official discoveries and were kept secret due to them confuting the dogma and beliefs of the Church and the powerful. Indeed, as late ast the 17th century, Galileo was jailed for his heliocentric ideas...
Professor Sandra Marraghini's deductions lead us along the same path that Piero della Francesca started 600 years ago to transfer his knowledge to those who could receive it and could pass it on to future generations. Through the study of symbols, syllogisms and characters, the analysis of the elements of geometrical and mathematical balance and the observation of starry skies, we finally find the key to the messages hidden in the works of Piero della Francesca.
The author's research and findings raise questions as to certain facts and dates of history, particularly the discovery of America. Analysing the writings of Piero's disciple, mathematician Luca Pacioli, Professor Marraghini concludes that Piero's death coinciding with the discovery of America (12 October 1492) is almost certainly fake news. With the altered date of Piero's death, his contemporaries probably intended to hide and protect the truth that he was trying to convey: the route to America was known in the first half of Renaissance (by Piero himself), so much earlier than the voyages of Columbus.

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