The Last Bite: Deadweight Part II (Paperback)

The Last Bite: Deadweight Part II By Paul Forster Cover Image
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The promised cure for obesity turned out to be the catalyst that made the Black Death look like a quiet Sunday stroll. It infected hundreds, then thousands, then millions, until the world was all but consumed by the ravenous hordes it created. They found their way into every safe haven and fortress and massacred the few remaining survivors at will. Nowhere was safe. Nobody was immune. Nothing was sacred.

And yet some resilient survivors remained.

As a few clung on in small groups, somehow evading the death that was all around them, they were hoping against hope for salvation. Then, a chance to save the world emerges with the hunt for an enigmatic scientist who may hold the key for a cure.

But even this piece of good news may have come too late.

In the English Channel, a flotilla of ships keeps the new Prime Minister, her closest advisors, and thousands of desperate survivors away from the madness that is unfolding on land. And here, protected by what remains of the military, the Prime Minister is prepared to do whatever is necessary to maintain her iron grip on power.

Even if it means sacrificing those who remain to new and emerging subspecies of feeders that are becoming ever more dangerous.

Can a cure be found before the last remaining survivors are overwhelmed? Or is it already too late?

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ISBN: 9781838445713
ISBN-10: 1838445714
Publisher: Paul Forster
Publication Date: March 26th, 2021
Pages: 332
Language: English