The Spark Day Poems: The First Twelve Years (Paperback)

The Spark Day Poems: The First Twelve Years By Quilliam Horace Flint, His Person Cover Image
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Spark Day celebrates the beauty, goodness, and heart that we have the chance to cultivate with each decision we make. Little decisions, like whether to plant seeds or not bother, whether to smile and nod to passersby or remain aloof in our own world, whether to use a plastic straw or forego it to help ensure less dangerous plastic pollution corrupts our environment and those who live in it all contribute to the quality of our lives. From those little decisions, we build to big ones, like whether to adopt an animal in need or pay someone to breed more when those already in existence go without homes and will ultimately be put to death for lack of those homes, whether to support charities working hard to help those in need or instead spend money on things we don't need and that will add little to our lives, whether to take the time and effort to cook a meal for those we care about or to buy easier pre-made meals that take less effort and are less healthy in the sustenance they provide both nutritionally and emotionally. Spark Day was inspired by the desire to provide for a little old dog who was deprived of comfort, love, and even the most basic care for most of his life. He lived tied to a box, practically forgotten in a backyard, until he almost died tied to that box. When the call for help finally came, it was almost too late for him. Almost. When he survived to the next morning against the odds, he was christened Sparky, for he still had the Spark of Life in him. He had a home for nine months -- a beautiful, luscious nine months full of comfort and peace and happiness and good food and protection and care.....and brimming with happiness But he could not last a full year. Life had been too hard; he finally succumbed to its wear on his body. It was his spirit, though, that inspired the holiday. When that one year anniversary came around -- May 16th -- it seemed fitting to celebrate it for the goodness Sparky enjoyed and for the goodness he brought about in the world: He inspired connections among so many people who never would have come to know each other had each one not taken an interest in that little fuzzy dog. Because of him, there is more Possibility to help save others like him. Because of him, there are many people inspired to bring about that goodness for others who are downtrodden, others of all species. These are the poems that commemorate Spark Day.
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Publication Date: January 26th, 2022
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