The Bicycle Artisans (Hardcover)

The Bicycle Artisans By Will Jones Cover Image


Bicycle Artisans features 88 of the best, most unique builders from around the globe. These bike-makers are producing for an audience thirsty for highly personalized rides that cater to their diverse needs and riding styles. Often working in tiny studios and hidden workshops, these master craftsmen-- some of whom have been refining their art for decades-- produce bicycles that are highly personal as well as highly sought-after. Many of the featured builders have attained cult status through a particular detail, such as an elegantly fashioned lug, a mysterious design element, or by cleverly employing materials or techniques from other industries. Presented alphabetically, many of these artisans flourish purely through word of mouth and are little known outside a small group of aficionados and enthusiasts. Contributors include Cielo Cycles (Chris King), Bruce Gordon Cycles, Jeff Jones Bicycles, Marc Newson, Rock Lobster Cycles, Tsukumo Cycle Sports, Zinn Cycles and more.
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ISBN: 9781584235507
ISBN-10: 1584235500
Publisher: Gingko Press
Publication Date: May 1st, 2014
Pages: 288
Language: English