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"But then, equally of course, every man who takes up wrestling seriously will only do so because he is fond of it, because he prefers wrestling to most, if not all, other sports and pastimes. Every wrestler who ever trod the mat is a potential champion. He may not have been endowed with the wrestling instinct, but he will be able to cultivate a high degree of wrestling science, even quickness, if not absolute lightning rapidity of movement, which, if combined with the necessary strength and stamina, may enable him to compete with all but the greatest champions on equal terms. Skill, that is to say, the science of wrestling, can only be cultivated by practice, and the man who takes up wrestling seriously must get as much practice as he can with the most skilful wrestlers. The better his opponents are, the faster will be his progress in knowledge of the art, as also in the power of its application. He can learn a good deal also in another way, and that is by closely watching serious bouts between skilled wrestlers, and by carefully practising such moves as attract his notice." - George Hackenschmidt This is an original version, restored and re-formatted edition of Hackenschmidt's 1909 classic. Visit our website and see our many books at

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George Hackenschmidt: The Russian Lion - "Back in an age when ... few if any Far Eastern Masters of Martial arts were known to the rest of the World. ... One man in particular, a master of his own most ancient fighting skill, ... possessed the same qualities ... to be recognized {by} Japanese/Chinese martial arts masters ... He had the total formula for combat domination, winning over 3000 bouts between 1889 and 1908. That man, George Hackenschmidt was destined to become famous throughout the World and take his place in fighting arts history as THE RUSSIAN LION and unlike many of his opponents and contempary wrestlers, 'Hack' was never mean, vindictive or unnecessarily rough in his wrestling bouts, contrasting his physical prowess and fighting skills with a quietness of spirit. George Hackenschmidt was the epitome of calm, self-assurance and inner peace, with full awareness of his own capabilities and thus like all masters of combat found NO NEED FOR MACHOISM or outward aggression. His tactic to win was skill and speed, born of confidence in his own ability and fighting prowess. He spoke softly, so that you were forced to listen and pay attention, rather than raise his voice to be heard. His serenity was 'catching', calming all those in attendance at his lectures...and it was a developed calmness. A true warrior has to struggle and EARN the wisdom to do battle, with not only his adversities, but with LIFE ITSELF. Of German/Swedish descent, (which accounts for his un Russian name) the fighting legend Georges Karl Julius Hackenschmidt (aka Hack or The Russian Lion) was born 2nd August 1878, or using the older style Russian calendar July 20th 1872, at Dorpat in Estonia. Genetically favored from his grandfather's physique, he soon excelled at gymnastics, athletics and weight lifting. Beginning a career in the oldest martial art of all, wrestling. which was to bring him a fortune and enduring fame". - David Gentle
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