The Sacred Divine Mothers (Iyami) (Paperback)

The Sacred Divine Mothers (Iyami) By Iyanla Bivinet-Ash Au Bari Cover Image
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Reading this book will stretch the boundaries of sacred knowledge as you immerse yourself in a primordial ocean of revelations.
Our Mothers (Iyami) are the super powerful cosmological Divine Mothers (Super Goddesses), who throughout the annals of history are known by a thousand names. They are the right-hand counsel to the Supreme Creator, an inextricable force of creation who sustain all life.
The name Iyami relates to the Yoruba religion of West Africa, yet their expansiveness is worldwide, having been revered throughout the woman's mysteries since time immemorial. They were present on Earth before humans arrived here. They are considered cosmic, primordial and ancestral, their essence is multi-layered.
Throughout history, we find them in roles of great power, counsels to the ruling elite, or as matrilineal High Priestesses. Their aim is to ensure justice, harmony and balance in the inner and outer realms, guaranteeing the survival of not only this planet, but others in the universal eco-system encompassing every being who fights to maintain the light of the Creator.
His-story has committed acts of genocide against the Divine Feminine hierarchy in subduing and usurping her station in favour of a materialistic and violent patriarchal system. Any woman who exhibited her innate feminine magical powers became hunted, tortured, killed and labelled as witches. Yet now it is time, more so than ever, for the Divine Feminine Iyami to return and to rise once more here on Earth, as is the birthright for every female alive today and their children's children.
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ISBN: 9781398445123
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Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: March 31st, 2023
Pages: 260
Language: English