This World So Fierce: A Novel (Paperback)

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Trish and Nikki are Orphans who live on the poor side of town. But they know what it means to have a family that cares, even if that family is not blood. Their foster parents can't have children of their own, so they raise children who come to them from a world of pain and loss. When the family is asked to take in one more, they can't refuse. But it might be one more than they can handle.

"The World So Fierce" is a story of the other side of tragedy. The orphans are a surrogate family, but when they take in one more child could their family break? What happens when one orphan can't turn his life around?

About the Author

Mary Bourque Marcotte is an accomplished writer who uses her skills to provide a glimpse into the Louisiana life she loves. Retired after teaching English for 28 years, Mary is an avid quilter, reader, and traveler. She lives in central Louisiana with Richard, her husband of 42 years and the love of her life. Their three sons, Will, Adam, and Rory, are happily married to beautiful girls--Stacey, Jenny and Meggan. Adding to the joy in their lives are eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Mary is quite familiar with the noise and joy of a large family living in a small space. She adds authenticity to her fictional characters by infusing the small quirks of those she loves into each character. Though the towns in the novel do not exist, the landscape and places she describes is true to the charm of small towns, the natural landscape, and the mystique of Louisiana.
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ISBN: 9781098332624
ISBN-10: 1098332628
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: December 14th, 2020
Pages: 100
Language: English