Time Shifters Book One: Beyond Time (Paperback)

Time Shifters Book One: Beyond Time By Laura N. Anile Cover Image
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WHEN YOU WAKE UP IN THE WRONG BODY WITHIN A FUTURISTIC WORLD, BEING YOURSELF CAN GET YOU KILLED. 17-year-old Ryder is on his way to school when he experiences a pain like he has never felt before. He awakes in a mysterious lab to discover that, as a victim of an unauthorized transfer, he has been pulled into the year 2127. Now Ryder's life depends on him succeeding in making everyone believe that he is Ziron, the boy that swapped places with him in 2015. If he fails, he will be captured, imprisoned, or worse. Ryder only has to survive two weeks in this futuristic world he doesn't understand. But two weeks is a long time when you don't know who to trust, and when you have to keep away from a girl you have sworn to protect. Kira refuses to stay away, so how can he prevent her from discovering his secret? And how can he be with her when she thinks he's someone else? Time is running out for Ryder to unravel the conspiracy and uncover the answer to the biggest question of all: Just why did Ziron risk everything to change places with him? And what exactly has Ryder been pulled into? In a desperate quest to find his way home, Ryder will stop at nothing to protect the girl of his dreams, and the secret that could destroy everything.
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ISBN: 9780992279073
ISBN-10: 0992279070
Publisher: Glasshouse Publishing Pty Ltd
Publication Date: May 28th, 2015
Pages: 308
Language: English