The Cowboys' Christmas Ball (Paperback)

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A poignant story of a rancher's reward to his hardworking hands, and how the excuse of a chance to dance melts the winter blues and the hearts of Texans of all ages Do-si-do back to 1895 Anson, Texas just a the winter storms come a-whistlin' and take a gander at the lively Cowboys' Christmas Ball A young cowpoke tags along to the Morning Star Hotel (togged out gorgeous-with mistletoe and shawls) planning to sit in the shadows and watch the show. But Windy Billy spies the boy first (as does a cute young lass) and when the dancin' commences, they all ponder the powerful sight of a frontier break-down as the fiddle and the boot-stompers compete to celebrate the season. The book also includes: Larry Chittenden's original Cowboys' Christmas Ball poem The story of the ongoing Cowboy's Christmas Ball - a 100+ year tradition Background on the famous WPA mural of the ball, painted during the Great Depression The tradition and folklore of cowboy dancing.
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ISBN: 9780635013552
ISBN-10: 063501355X
Publisher: Carole Marsh Books
Publication Date: January 1st, 2004
Pages: 32
Language: English