Ponder On It, Pilgrims: The Bucolic Mark Twain on Critter Councils, Cookie Bandits, and Texas Grit (Paperback)

Ponder On It, Pilgrims: The Bucolic Mark Twain on Critter Councils, Cookie Bandits, and Texas Grit By Hilary Jastram (Editor), Charles Hamm Cover Image
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Texas Grit, Critter Councils, and Cookie Bandits from a real life cowboy who lives on top of Round Mountain.

Charles Hamm is the common sense we are all missing in this upside-down world. This World-class storyteller extraordinaire invites you to sit down for a spell and helps you ponder on your own life and see the world with new eyes.

Meet the Round Mountain Critter Council Members:
  • Thelma, the doe-eyed matriarch
  • Spuds, who leads from the rear
  • Rex, a nimble coyote with his nose to ground
  • Rocco, a direct descendant of Davy Crockett's coonskin cap is unmatched.
The way he spins his yarns is a testament to turning the world around you into what you want it to be.

One of wonder. One of imagination. One of delight.

Charles exercises the power we all still have that we forget about. The ability to change how we perceive the world.

He is the soothing voice that we all long to hear when a more experienced adult takes charge. He is the sigh of relief we feel when we slow down and pay attention. At a time when we are all striving for "wisdom, right now, please," he brings it to you. I like to think we can borrow the knowledge he has gathered from his years on Earth to make our lives a little more comfortable and less worrisome.

Charles Hamm has over 20,000 followers on LinkedIn who have begged him to share his wisdom and stories in a book that feels like you were huddled around him at the campfire.

This book is full of salt-of-the-earth stories explaining fundamental truths and irrevocable events in one's life.

Here's a taste of some of Charles Hamm's Texas Grit to Stick in Your Craw:
  • The way I see it, there are just two kinds of people in this world. Folks who hunt and fish, and folks who kill and catch.
  • Wisdom is born of knowledge and experience. However, knowledge and experience will not necessarily make one wise.
  • Be careful what you wish for. Folks who like war stories most likely don't have their own to tell.
  • Be Smarter Than the Acorn: The way I see it, there ain't but two ways to git to the top of a big white oak tree. Ya ain't gotta be real bright to figure it out. You can climb it or sit on an acorn and wait.
  • Never let the skivvies you wore today smell up your tomorrow.
  • Look here boys and girls. You can't keep negative, toxic, angry, offensive, or insulting people out of your life. But you can keep them out of your head.
  • You're Only As Good as Your Tools: A knife that won't cut isn't worth much.
If you're ready to learn the Four Golden Questions that challenge you to think like a wise person and sit around the virtual campfire with Charles as he spins his tales and shares his wit, wisdom and Texas humor, click the BUY NOW button and let's sit a spell and Ponder On it Pilgrims
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ISBN: 9780578391229
ISBN-10: 0578391228
Publisher: Charles Hamm
Publication Date: March 21st, 2022
Pages: 246
Language: English