There is a rich history of bookselling in Point Reyes Station, the gateway to Point Reyes National Seashore just an hour northwest of San Francisco.

In 1969 Michael Sykes opened the first Point Reyes Books in town. Sharon Mooney and Michael Prokop bought the business in 1975 and ran it until 1978 as Baobob Books, which was then purchased by Jeri Jacobson and Rob Janes. In 1981, Esther Silver bought and owned the store until 1999. In 1998, Christine DeCamp opened Manfred’s, a used booksstore named for her St. Bernard who was a constant presence in the store, which closed around 2007. Jill Westley opened the Brown Study Bookshop in 1989, which for most of its life occupied the current Point Reyes Books location in the town’s historic Emporium building. And in 2002, Kate Levinson and Steve Costa bought the Brown Study and rechristened it Point Reyes Books. Kate and Steve shared a vision for being part of a community and a desire to make a difference, and together they wove Point Reyes Books into the fabric of community life.

After fourteen years of making Point Reyes Books a beloved and nationally-known bookstore and a true hub of the West Marin community, Steve and Kate began the search for the next stewards of Point Reyes Books. Stephen Sparks and Molly Parent (that’s us!), buoyed by years of experience and a vision for bookstores as some of our most valuable spaces for the exchange of ideas and connecting of worlds, threw hats into the ring. Thanks to a generous outpouring of support from communities near and far who shared our vision, we took the helm of Point Reyes Books on January 1st, 2017.

Our goals for the future of Point Reyes Books rest on the strong foundation that preceded them – a foundation based in community, a sustainable and neighborly local economy, working in collaboration with other small businesses and organizations for the benefit of all, and providing a welcoming space for people to come together to learn and share ideas. We envision a thriving online store in addition to a brick and mortar one, both spaces where readers can discover books they might not find elsewhere. We are working hard to make Point Reyes Books destination for book-lovers the world over to experience this beautiful corner of California where the forest, the sea, writers, readers, and books come together in a truly special place.