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Llewellyn Vaughan Lee - Q&A

Llewellyn Vaughan Lee will discuss his new book, The Return of the Feminine and World Soul. He will focus on our need to reclaim the divine mystery of the feminine in creation and understand her unique contribution at this time of global crisis and transformation. In order to participate in this work we also need to return to a relationship with the World Soul, the Anima Mundi, which belongs to our ancient understanding of the world as a living spiritual being. We each hold this connection within our own heart and soul, but need to rediscover its sacred meaning and purpose.

Inverness resident Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee is a Sufi mystic and lineage successor in the Naqshbandiyya-Mujaddidiyya Sufi Order. He writes and lectures extensively about Sufism, mysticism, dreamwork and spirituality. His specializes in dreamwork, integrating the ancient Sufi approach to dreams with the insights of modern psychology. His recent writing and teaching focus on spiritual responsibility in this time of global crisis and global consciousness. Vaughan-Lee is the founder of the Golden Sufi Center.