Paola Gianturco

author of Grandmother Power

Around the world, insurgent grandmothers are using their power to fight for a better future for grandchildren everywhere. In Grandmother Power, Gianturco, a grandmother herself, profiles activist grandmothers in fifteen countries on five continents who tell their compelling stories in their own words. Grandmothers in Canada, Swaziland, and South Africa collaborate to care for AIDS orphans. Grandmothers in Senegal convince communities to abandon female genital mutilation. Grandmothers in India become solar engineers and bring light to their villages. Grandmothers in Argentina continue their 40-year search for grandchildren who were kidnapped during the nation's military dictatorship. In the Middle East, Israeli grandmothers monitor checkpoints to prevent abuse and the UAE's most popular television show stars four animated grandmothers who are surprised by contemporary life. And many others. Gianturco's full-color images and her heroines' amazing tales make Grandmother Power an inspiration for everyone. The entrance fee and all book royalties will be donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation's Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign, which provides grants to African grandmothers who are raising AIDS orphans. Paola Gianturco has documented women's lives in 55 countries. Her work has been exhibited at UNESCO's Paris headquarters; United Nations' New York headquarters; Chicago's Field Museum; San Francisco's International Museum of Women; and many other venues. She is the author of four other books about women around the world.