Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto

filmmakers of TRUST: Second Acts in Young Lives

Local filmmakers Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto screen their award-winning documentary TRUST: Second Acts in Young Lives.  Moving, intimate, and celebratory, TRUST is about Marlin, an 18-year-old Hondureña who shares a bit about her childhood with a teen theater company in her neighborhood.  It is a traumatic story. Amazing things unfold for Marlin as the young actors transform her story into a daring, original play. TRUST is about creativity and the unexpected resources inside people who are often discounted because they are poor, young, or of color.  Discussion with the filmmakers follows. TRUST is the third in Kelly and Yamamoto’s trilogy about the transformative power of art.  The trilogy’s other films include: Smitten, and Downside UP.  Kelly and Yamamoto’s other films include: Thousand Pieces of Gold, Sweeping Ocean Views, and Cowgirls.  They hope to complete their next film, Moments in Time in fall 2012.