Margaret Wrinkle

author of Wash

A seventh-generation Southerner, Margaret Wrinkle was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Wrinkle always knew she had slaveholding ancestors but  was shocked when she heard a family rumor that one of them may have engaged in the breeding of enslaved people. Her research deep into her ancestors’ past led to this epic debut novel about American slavery. It reexamines American slavery, traveling from the heart of whiteness into the center of ancestral African spirituality and back again until these two contrasting cultures shimmer together. Questioning all differences of blood and tradition, erasing even the line between the living and the dead, the novel explores our continuing racial dilemma. Her award-winning documentary, broken\ground, looked at the racial divide in her historically conflicted hometown. Margaret became a friend of Point Reyes Books and a dear friend to Kate and Steve while teaching and writing in Northern California. Please join us in celebrating the publication of this compelling and beautifully written novel.