The Future of Farmsteading in West Marin

A panel discussion featuring local growers & producers moderated by author Sarah Henry
Farmsteads of the California Coast

October 16, 2016
The Dance Palace

West Marin is home to many innovative food pioneers and their delicious farm products created on site. It’s also a region celebrated for its land preservation, agricultural education, and carbon sequestration practices. The “Future of Farmsteading” will feature several local farmers and food producers in a panel discussion moderated by Sarah Henry, author of Farmsteads of the California Coast, and a Mesa Refuge alum. On the agenda: What’s worth celebrating now? What are the challenges to growth? What lies ahead?

In the mix: seasoned farmsteaders Penny Livingston of the Regenerative Design Institute, Dennis Dierks of Paradise Valley Farms, and Wendy Johnson of the Indian Valley Organic Farm and Garden in conversation with next-generation farmers and ranchers, including Lynn Giacomini Stray of Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese and Caymin Ackerman of Big Mesa Farm. The program is part of the Bolinas Museum’s “Bounty: Fine Food Production in Coastal Marin from 1834 to Today.” Enjoy West Marin edibles after the panel. Presented by Point Reyes Books.

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