We Buy Books!

books in the bookstoreAt Point Reyes Books, good used books are our lifeblood. We buy quality, used books in every subject area for trade credit.

Here are some FAQ:

When do you buy books?

Point Reyes Books buys books on weekdays (not on weekends), during business hours.

What do you buy?

We are selective about condition, and buy books based on supply and demand: if people still want to read it, and we don’t have it, we’ll consider buying it.  

What don't you buy?

Hardback fiction 
Books that are underlined or highlighted
Books that are out-of-date like computer books, out-of-date travel guides, business books, etc.

How much do you pay for used books?

Our basic formula is one-third of the price that we will eventually sell the book for, which is generally 50 percent of the cover price.   

Do you pay in cash or in trade?

We only pay in trade, which can be applied to any new or used books in the store. Store credit cannot be applied to newspapers, magazines, journals, cards, broadsides, T-shirts, or other non-book merchandise. We keep track of your credit through our store computer.
Are you willing to visit homes where there are estates or large collections of books?

Yes. If there is a large collection of books, we are willing to make a visit to a home in West Marin.

Will you take the books that neither of us needs?

Yes and no. We ask customers to take with them the books we do not buy. That said, we offer books to nonprofit book sales. For a time prior to such fundraisers, we accept books we do not buy and pass them along to those sponsoring these sales.